The Ground Sound “mission”

The Ground Sound “mission” is to “convert” as many music lovers to use active amplification as possible and still maintain a user friendly interface with as much flexibility as possible without sacrificing the very best reproduction. The “path” to this music reproduction paradise shall be as easy as possible and Ground Sound has implemented this into both the hardware and the XOverWizard software. The Coolback solutions are highly optimized integrated active amplifiers with multiple power amplifier channels and digital signal processing filters. The Coolback solutions are meant to be built into the loudspeaker enclosures to minimize the system components in the listening room / living room. A very “simple” system yet very “High End” could be as simple as streaming device with volume control and the loudspeakers with a Coolback in the back - a smart phone app controlling the streaming device sending the music signal to the active loudspeakers which turns ON automatically.

The second “path” to the music paradise is the “standalone” digital filters – DCN28 and DCN24RPC. The customer has full flexibility of power amplifier choice and no constrains of the loudspeaker boxes to accommodate the electronics. Focusing on the features of DCN28 - it is a digital pre-amplifier with multiple DAC channels, EQ filters, digital crossover, remote control and digitally controlled analogue volume control. A lot of effort has been put into the design of DCN28 like multiple locally linear regulated power supplies – that is each integrated circuit chip has it’s own regulated power supply !


It is no secret that the weakest link in music reproduction is the loudspeaker drivers and the room that they perform in. To optimize the performance of the loudspeakers and the room it is an advantage to drive each loudspeaker driver with its own power amplifier channel. This is called active amplification and it eliminates the passive crossover with many coils, capacitors and resistors that “blocks” the control from the power amplifier in “conventional” loudspeakers. Active crossover has been a passion of Robert Sørensen owner of Ground Sound for more than thirty years and the enthusiasm stays the same today!

You are hereby encouraged to take one of the “paths” to music paradise…